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About Me

Ashley is a mother of 3 beautiful girls and considers herself a Health Equity Catalyst and Creative.  Ashley has a deep love for leveraging resources and advocating for Mental and Maternal Health Services for the Black Community. Ashley’s natural gift is critically thinking and connecting and elevating individuals who are are able to relate and empower individuals in the community to navigate our complex healthcare system. Ashley’s signature quote is “Life is Not Surface Level”.

Areas of Focus

  1. Increase awareness and understanding of mental health among Black community members through targeted education and outreach efforts.

2.  Build capacity among Black-led organizations and community leaders to provide mental health support and resources.

3.  Create safe spaces for Black individuals to discuss and process their mental health experiences without fear of judgment or discrimination.

4.  Amplify the voices and stories of Black individuals who have experienced mental health challenges, to normalize the conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the Black community.

5.  Collaborate with mental health providers and institutions to ensure that Black individuals have access to culturally-responsive care.

7.  Collaborate with healthcare professionals to emphasize the role mental health plays in the successful treatment outcomes of other diseases and illnesses.

6.  Promote policies and systems change that address structural barriers to mental health equity for Black individuals.

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